Basic Components Of Motion Control Systems

Motion control systems are an everyday item. We are rarely aware of their existence. As a sub-category of automation, it is part of conveyor belts and industrial robots. In industry, they are major contributors to ensuring work flows logically. These devices, while sometimes a component of complex equipment consists of several related and compatible parts.

Components of a Motion Control System

A motion control system cannot function optimally without the various components working together in harmony. While different models exist, they all generally operate utilizing similar parts. These are:

Amplifier/Drive: These devices accept the commands sent out by the controller. They then produce the current necessary to turn or drive (move) the motor
Application software: If you want to issue certain commands, the requisite tool is software.
Feedback device/position sensor: While some applications do not require a sensor, others do e.g., servo motors.
Motion controller: The brain of motion control systems, its role is to take in data and produce the necessary motor trajectories before creating the correct torque command, next sending it to the amplifier, resulting in motion. At the same time, the motion controller ensures safe operation by closely checking in on the restrictions and emergency stops.
Motor: The purpose of any motor is to produce mechanical from electrical energy. This involves the manifestation of the desired torque rate to move to the specified position.

A motion control system may also possess various a number of mechanical elements to which they may provide torque. These include robotic arms and linear slide.

Motion Control Systems

Motion control systems are extremely popular in various industries. They are part of conveyor belts, lifts, and heavy crane lifting systems. They even are responsible for maneuvering robotic arms and opening sliding doors. It is very important to look closely at the various components that comprise a motion control system before you make the decision to purchase a specific model for your firm.

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