Basement Leaks In Baltimore Can Be Eliminated With The Help Of An Experienced Waterproofing Company

A home is one of the largest investments someone will make in their life and needs to be protected from damage and deterioration. Basement Leaks in Baltimore are almost always caused by poor water drainage. Leaks can develop from tree roots pushing against a foundation, the failure of caulking around windows or pipes, malfunctioning gutters or French drains. Leaks should be inspected by a reputable waterproofing company to determine their origin. They will give you a written estimate of work that should be performed to secure the foundation and eliminate the water problem. Eliminating water from entering a basement will reduce the chance for mold to develop and cause health concerns to anyone living in the home.

Even if a homeowner doesn’t see Basement Leaks in Baltimore, damp areas and mineral deposits are common when small leaks are occurring. Foundation crack repair is critical to the structural integrity. Using epoxy or a polyurethane product is only a temporary fix. The cracks should be repaired with the use of a V-groove along the crack and then sealed with hydraulic cement. The crack should be covered with a heavy-duty vinyl that will protect against water seeping into these cracks and prevent future leaks. With the proper pressure relief drain, all of the water will travel away from the foundation.

Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC Baltimore is a sub floor pressure relief system for buildings with a concrete basement floor. Ground water levels rise after a rain storm or melting snow that creates pressure on the walls and floor. This water needs to be removed from the foundation area as quickly as it arrives. This type of waterproofing system uses a sub floor channel which transports the water to a sump pump or several sump pumps in a basement. The pump will push the water out of the home and protect the walls and floor. Reinforced wall liners can be installed to the ground level for further protection against water damage. A vinyl cover plate will create a separation between the floor and the wall joint and the trench will be re-concreted for a tile ready finish.

If you have water or wet spots in your basement, don’t wait until further damage occurs to have it inspected.

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