Barranca Insurance Services Inc in Murrieta, CA Can Help Families After a Stay-at-Home Parent’s Passing

When a person has children, life insurance is an important financial responsibility and a great way to ensure the family has the resources it needs in any event. It makes sense for working parents to have life insurance, but it may not seem as obvious for a stay-at-home parent. In this guide is a discussion of some of the reasons why stay-at-home parents should have this important coverage.

Stay-at-Home Parents Bring a Lot to the Table

While an at-home parent may not bring in any income, the things they do daily would be costly to replace-;and life insurance could help a family bear the cost. According to, the average at-home parent should make over $143,000 per year with everything he or she does. Stay-at-home parents have significant value, and life insurance can help to protect it.

Childcare Costs

An at-home parent’s primary job is to take care of the children, which is a significant amount of work (as all parents know). Replacing the job would require the working spouse to reduce hours, quit their job, or pay for childcare. Any of those options is costly, but most families would opt for paid childcare.


At-home parents do the majority of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and shopping. If the at-home parent passes away, the working parent would take over most of these jobs but, in some cases, outside help would be necessary. A life insurance policy from Barranca Insurance Services Inc in Murrieta CA would help the surviving parent pay the cost of household management.


When there are kids in the house, they need to go places-;and go often. School, doctor appointments, playdates, sports, dance classes, and more can be on the schedule, and until the kids can drive themselves, someone has to take them where they need to go. With life insurance proceeds, a parent can pay for transportation.

These are just some of the things life insurance can pay for. College savings, debts, and other factors should be considered as well. Stay-at-home parents should have life insurance because the jobs they do offer significant value, and it costs money to replace the work. Unless a family already has savings to absorb those costs, life insurance is a simple way to ensure the family’s needs are met. Click Here to consult Barranca Insurance Services Inc in Murrieta CA about the family’s life insurance needs.

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