Bar Construction in Los Angeles: Mistakes to Avoid

While building a bar, many decisive details that are easy to overlook, especially if you do not have a set of good plans and an experienced contractor at the wheel. New bar owners are predisposed to making construction mistakes since, like everybody else starting a new journey, are unaware of nuances involved. In an effort to save as much money as possible, they may decide to tackle the construction management themselves, work with inadequate construction drawings and even hire contractors unfamiliar with bar construction in Los Angeles. In all these scenarios, something will inevitably go wrong. Here are some of the commonest mistakes.

Underestimating the Cost of Putting up a Bar

Cheap bar build-outs do not exist; they are all expensive. Even if you are considering taking over a second-generation bar space, it will not guarantee that you will make huge savings. Construction of a new bar is calculated by the square foot and such costs can quickly escalate depending on the finish detail and scope of work.

Seeking Forgiveness Instead of Permission

Local building and health codes are stringent for restaurants and bars, and the inspectors are wise to the ways of contractors looking to cut corners. Instead, you should put every effort in getting the proper permits and have the construction done by the experts. A bar construction in Los Angeles by Orchid Construction and Facility Services will help you avoid costly penalties.

Too Big or Small Bars

The size of the bar will largely depend on your liquor program and concept. A six-seat bar or a 30-seat titanic bar either, might be perfect. You need to take into consideration how you plan to staff the bar since an empty bar will make your establishment look dead. Orchid Construction and Facility Services can help you determine the optimal bar size for you.

In any bar construction in Los Angeles, sound and lighting play a pivotal role. It is crucial that you find the perfect balance between these design elements and you will keep your customers happy. Bar owners should implement sound systems that allow conversations to be held over the background music. There should also be a variety of lighting elements with lumen intensity control.

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