Baldor Electric Motors: AC/DC Options

by | May 26, 2016 | Bearing Supplier

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If you are looking for an electric motor in Louisiana, you have several options. In today’s marketplace, you can find companies that offer high quality and durable electric motors at reasonable prices. They can provide you with a variety of types suitable for many different purposes. While some companies specialize, others are more general in what they produce. Among the top motors you can choose from are Baldor electric motors. They provide their customers with both AC and DC options.

What Are Motors?

A motor is, at its most basic, a simple device with a singular purpose. It receives electrical energy. It then converts that energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy then turns a shaft to perform a specific function for a producer or manufacturer. Generally speaking, you can divide motors into two types according to their power source. They are either AC or DC.

  • AC Motors: This type of motor operates on alternating current (AC) – current that flows in either direction. There are two specific types of AC motors: induction and synchronous
  • DC Motors: The power source or current is rectified or generated direct current (DC). This type of electric motor is more commonly employed when the demand is for variable speed operation.

Companies may require either or both types of electric motors in their operations.

Basic Types of AC and DC Motors

Within the categories of AC and DC, you will find electric engines designed for a specific purpose. Some operate on AC; others use DC power sources. Among the basic types of electric motors are the following:

  • A Definite Purpose Motor: This describes a motor designed and produced specifically to meet a particular purpose. Every other aspect about it falls into the category of “standard.”
  • A General Purpose Motor: This designates any motor that that has a “b” design but is otherwise listed as having standard mechanical construction and operating characteristics.
  • Induction Motor: This is a type of AC electric motor. The alternating current provided is current is induced.
  • Large Motors: This indicates a specific size frame. It applies to both AC and DC electric motors with frames of the 5000 series and over for AC and, for DC, 500 series frames and bigger.
  • Multi-Speed Motors: This type of electric motor is capable of changing speeds to a predetermined one. Common models are two speed, although companies in Louisiana can purchase three- and four speeds are sometimes available.

There are other types of motors offered by several companies, including Baldor electric motors.

Baldor Electric Motors

Baldor offers its clients a number of both AC and DC options. They include both large AC induction motors and fractional and integral DC Motors. Some are explosion proof; all are reliable and geared to supply their customers with the quality, energy efficiency, reliability and durability characteristic of all Baldor electric motors.

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