Bail Bonds in Greenwich, CT Help Defendants Charged with Firing Guns in Town

In Connecticut, state laws do not prohibit anyone who legally owns a gun to fire that weapon on his or her own property. However, municipalities and townships typically prohibit this activity unless the shooting takes place on rural acreage. Someone who lives in a municipality and fires a gun in the yard may face arrest and the need for a bail bonds service in Greenwich, CT.

Discharging Firearms Within City Limits

A person who has been reported for shooting wildlife in the yard likely will face two charges. One will be a charge of firing a weapon within the city limits and the other, killing wildlife outside of hunting season. A bail bonds service in Greenwich, CT is ready to assist when someone has been arrested and cannot leave jail without paying cash bail or posting a bond.

If this individual does not have the required permits, he or she is now in even more trouble with additional charges. Bail could be set high enough that paying it with cash is impossible.

Dangerous Activity

Municipal and township laws are in place because discharging a weapon in populated areas can be dangerous. The risk of accidentally shooting someone is high in a residential neighborhood. The same is true when residential properties border commercial or industrial land, even if they are located on the edge of town.

Defendants do not want to wait in jail any longer than they absolutely have to. They can contact a friend or relative to fill out an application with Aces Bail Bonds Inc.

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