Bail Bonding Services in Bartow, FL

When you or a loved one are faced with arrest, the initial idea of the bonding procedure and fees can be intimidating. Depending on the circumstances, the bonding fee can come as an unexpected inconvenience that can feel like a financial burden.

The reason for the bonding contract is to assure the courts that the defendant will appear in court as required. Without this agreement, more jails would be overcrowded. Fortunately, bail bond agents can help ease the arrest process.

In many cases, the defendant can be released with the promise to appear, provided a bonding fee is paid. Typically, the fee is a percentage of the overall bail amount set by the courts. People commonly assume that the entire bail fee is due for the release of the defendant, but this is actually not the case.

Bail bonding companies work with courts, working with charges determined by state law. On some occasions, individuals do not have physical cash to pay the bonding fee. Fortunately, today, several bail bonding companies have made it much easier to bail loved ones by requesting collateral. The collateral serves as a promise to pay should the defendant not appear in court, and can be a home, a car, or other possessions.

In some instances, however, trusting and established bail bonding companies, like our bail bondsman in Lakeland, will allow personal credit as surety bonds. At Zona Long Bail Bonds, we serve the community. Contact us for more information on how our bail bondsman of Lakeland offers solutions for convenient bailing, day or night. Contact us when you need reliable, professional bonding services.

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