Avoiding Bad Tenants Increases the Value of Your Investment

As a landlord, your objective is to invest in property that appreciates in value over time, yielding a significant profit when it comes time to resale. The quality of the tenants that you contract with to live at your property can have a strong effect on whether you achieve this goal or not. Bad tenants lead to costs, and your investment profit is slowly siphoned away in vacancies, repairs, legal actions, advertisements, and a whole host of other costs associated with dealing with poor tenancy. Good tenants, however, who are reliable, who pay rent on time and stay for long periods of time, can contribute to an increase of the value of your property with no financial drain.

Many poorer quality tenants actually seek out landlords who manage property themselves, which is one reason why it is preferable to hire a residential property management company to take care of business on your behalf. The poor quality tenants are correct in their assumption that many landlords who do it on their own do not take the time or go to the expense of thorough background checks. Many landlords are also motivated by emotion, and may take risks that are poor business decisions due to the urgency of populating their rental space. Poor quality tenants may feel they can take advantage of a landlord doing it on their own, and they are usually right. When dealing with a more formal residential property management company, however, that expectation disappears.
For that reason, just hiring a residential property management company alone means that you will likely attract better tenants. The manager also will have an efficient and reliable system in play to screen tenants and choose those that are more likely to add value to your investment, rather than procure unnecessary costs. Occasionally, there will still be situations that require eviction. It is far easier to let a residential property management expert, who knows the process well, to process and evict bad tenants and replace them in short order, than it is to do so yourself. Releasing the responsibility to a professional does wonders for stress levels, and it also leads to more efficient management, which increases quality and leads to higher property value at the end of the day.

Other services supplied by a residential management company also add value to your investment, including maintenance and repairs and rental collections. You no longer have to spend any time listening to excuses, dealing with repair problems, trying to mediate disputes between tenants, and a whole host of other stressful duties; a professional management company can give you the opportunity to breathe easy, knowing that your investment is in good hands.

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