Avoid Tiresome Lawn Work With Expert Landscaping in Westport, Connecticut

Lawn maintenance can be a tiresome task for the busy homeowner, and this is one reason that so many people prefer to let someone else handle the responsibility. While letting the neighborhood kids or local high school students cut the grass may be a budget-friendly method of improving appearances, it rarely provides a great-looking lawn. In fact, the best way to ensure that the property looks its best is to have the job done by someone with experience in Landscaping in Westport Connecticut.

One reason experience is necessary is that proper landscaping entails a variety of smaller tasks and quite a bit of knowledge. For instance, the contractor should know the names of any plants they will be using. They should also know the best soil composition and fertilizers, so the plants remain healthy. Experienced contractors such as Northeast Horticultural Services fit this bill quite nicely.

Landscaping is much more than keeping the grass cut or the bushes trimmed. This lawn service can actually take an unkempt property and turn it into an exquisite showcase any home or business owner would be proud of. One way Landscaping in Westport Connecticut can improve a property is with the use of masonry.

Masonry is also known as hardscaping because the use of concrete, stone, block and brick can create a variety of interesting, permanent lawn features such as pathways, retaining walls and steps to access different property levels. Hardscapes can also be used as entertainment areas such as patios and outdoor kitchen areas. Of course, a hardscape can also be any nonliving aspect of the landscaping including pergolas or shelter for pets.

One thing that always improves a landscaping job is trees, but most of the trees planted are young ones that need time to grow. However, a contractor with the right skills can easily handle the acquisition, planting, and subsequent care of large tree specimens. This reduces that just-installed feel most new landscape installations have. Plus, large trees provide plenty of protection and shade. Experience is required for this task because older trees have huge roots that must be handled carefully. Click Here to learn more about landscaping and lawn maintenance.

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