Avoid Sharing the Comfort of Your Home through Insect Control in Eau Claire, WI

Fall has made its grand annual entrance, promising to bring a chill to the air and hopes for an early spring. As you begin confining yourself to the indoors for the next couple seasons, all those creepy crawlers living in your home happen to have the same agenda in mind. The welcoming warmth of your home is a tempting invitation for spiders and insects intent on surviving the winter. If they do invade, you might find them less than willing to move out once warm weather returns.

As is the case across the majority of the country, Insect Control in Eau Claire WI often revolves around roach removal. Though they say prevention is the best medicine, these bugs never seem to get the memo. Roaches aren’t particularly dangerous, but having them scuttling across your fresh fruits and clean dishes isn’t exactly an appealing sight. Keeping all your food stored safely away in airtight containers won’t keep them from showing up, but it might slow them down a bit until professional help arrives.

When the cold begins creeping in, you may also find black and yellow mud daubers working their way closer to the shelter of your home’s exterior. They’re not as dangerous as their common wasp cousins, but they will sting if they feel threatened. Their simple yet structured nests have a way of cluttering up your siding as well. While they’re not extremely active during winter, this happens to be their gestational season, so spring and summer could leave you overrun with them.

Any insects taking up residence in your home are likely to draw in spiders looking for a nice winter meal. Poisonous species are rarely found in Wisconsin; still, these aren’t the types of housemates most people are willing to accept. That being said, there are exceptions to the general rule. Only a couple of the notorious brown recluse variety have been found locally over the last few decades, and black widows do their best to stay out of the spotlight if they can. Regardless, Insect Control in Eau Claire WI helps keep eight-legged visitors from catching you off guard.

Bugs are everywhere, and there’s no foolproof way of keeping them outside where they belong. You can take steps to make your home less attractive to them, though. Contact 1st Choice Pest Solutions to learn more about the proactive and reactive measures available to you.

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