Avoid Potential Plumbing Disasters With Using Leak Detection in Tucson

There are several varieties of plumbing in your home and each is susceptible to it’s own type of leaking. One of these areas are the heating and cooling appliances that many of us are familiar with. Some furnaces burn natural gas to generate heat and this requires a plumbing installation that is well sealed. Likewise, the air conditioning system uses a chemical refrigerant in a closed system which takes advantage of pipe as the main conduit. It also uses pipe or tubing to channel the condensation away from the cooling coils in the air exchange. Of course, most of these conduits are repaired by folks who service that particular field.

The other plumbing is the potable or fresh water inlet which is usually the primary source of any water to your property such as the municipal water connection and the flip side of that is the sewage drain pipes that carry the waste away from the house and into either a local septic system or the municipal sewage line. While both plumbing systems are related they are actually distinct. In fact, they were purposely designed this way to avoid possible cross contamination of the fresh water supply. Maintaining these systems in good repair requires not only a skilled plumber, but someone trained in the art of Leak Detection.

Leak Detection Tucson is a method of testing your plumbing for signs of stress, bad seals or other indications that the system could lose integrity in the future. This is really important with fresh water systems because your potable water lines are under constant pressure, typically in the neighborhood of thirty or forty PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). This continual pressure can cause stress fractures to expand and eventually burst allowing them to spray water everywhere.

Sewer lines are not under this type of constant pressure so most drainage leaks can go undetected until they are large enough to let out massive amounts of liquid and sludge, however the smell will probably be noticed a little sooner. If you think you may have this problem you might want to contact a reputable service company such as Wood’s Plumbing for an estimate on Leak Detection in Tucson. In some cases the expense of the detection is factored into the final repair costs.