Avoid Jail Time With Walk Through Warrant Bail Bonds in Waxahachie TX

Most people think that arrests for open warrants in Texas must automatically lead to jail time, but this isn’t true. A walk through warrant bail bond in Waxahachie TXis a legally accepted method of posting bond at or before the time of surrender, letting a defendant surrender under convenient, discreet circumstances and potentially skip pre-trial jail time.

Good Reasons Not to Avoid Warrants

Avoiding arrest or warrants just results in yet another warrant, a fugitive warrant. For misdemeanors in Texas, the consequences might be as little as a fine or a few months of incarceration. The consequences are even less severe for first offenders charged with misdemeanors like petty theft.

Courts look favorably on offenders who turn themselves in or submit to arrest without endangering the welfare of law enforcement. Thus, it’s always a good idea to surrender, particularly when the outcome is potentially as minor as a small fine.

With a walk through warrant bail bond, misdemeanor offenders can post bond before or when they surrender, which means they don’t have to spend days and days in jail. Walk-through bail bonds, like regular bail bonds, cost about 10 to 15 percent of the entire bail amount minus court filing costs.

Paying for a Walk Through Bail Bond

Every bond agency accepts slightly different types of payment, but cash is always welcome. Checks and credit cards might be feasible as is any form of viable collateral. Defendants might even be able to finance the bond cost or arrange a flexible payment plan.

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