Avoid Cases Where Car Tinting Could Be in Violation of Traffic Rules

Getting your car’s windows tinted is generally a great idea. Not only does it give your privacy, it also prevents the accumulation of heat inside your car. However, if you’re getting car tinting in Jacksonville FL, you definitely must be informed of the various laws involved.

Florida is specific when it comes to the amount of visible light transmission or VLT you can have on your tinted car. Here’s a run-through of what you should know.

For Sedans
If you have a sedan for which you want to get car tinting in Jacksonville FL, you might not be able to apply a tint below your car’s AS-1 line. For the side windows in front, the tints must have a VLT of 28% and be less than 25% reflective. For the side windows at the back as well as the rear, the tints must have a VLT of 15% and be less than 35% reflective.

For SUVs and Vans
If it is an SUV or van that you’re planning for car tinting in Jacksonville FL, the same regulation applies for the windshield and the front side windows. For the back and rear windows, however, darkness can only be applied six inches from the top border of the window. These must not be less than 35% reflective.

Other Rules
There are other rules that involve car tinting in Jacksonville FL. First of all, make sure that if your rear window is tinted, you have properly installed side mirrors. Otherwise, the tinting will be considered a traffic violation. Make sure, also, to place the sticker that labels the window tinting on the driver’s side in case you will be inspected.

All these regulations on car tinting can be stressful if you’re not used to them. However, it helps if you reach out to a company with plenty of experience in car tinting as they will know and comply with these rules without fail.

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