Auto Transmission Repair in Jenison MI Can Repair All American and Foreign Vehicle Transmissions

The Ford Motor Company says that the average 5-speed automatic transmission has 1000 parts, and the ASE reports this number is the average for all cars with the same transmission. While many of these parts are nuts and bolts, they parts can cause trouble. The most common cause of transmission repair is poor maintenance. Every automatic transmission has a maintenance schedule, but the owners frequently ignore it.

The critical items of maintenance vary, but fluid and filter change-out is a universal maintenance requirement. There may be other adjustments required, but checking the fluid level frequently will enable the transmission to function better and it will prolong the useful life of the transmission. Add fluid approved by the manufacture if the level is low.

Transmission repair is a specialty Auto Transmission Repair in Jenison MI which requires extensive training of its technician who will be able to diagnose a problem and repair it. The Hydraulic systems in newer transmissions are more complex than prior systems and it is computer controlled in most vehicles. The hydraulic system has a large number of passage ways forming a maze which only a highly skilled technician can work with.

The Auto Transmission Repair in Jenison MI is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to find the hidden problems. Checking the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is essential because many problems occur in this box. However, the most important diagnostic tool is the brain of the technician who has had advanced training in transmission diagnostics and repairs. There is no substitute for this tool which is highly developed into a transmission repair technician. The sight, sound and smell are all key tools for finding the problem, they are not the only important tools, but they are tools that are very essential to have.

Defining the repair processes is not an easy task for anyone, but finding a qualified repair facility is the most difficult task. One measure of the repair shop’s quality of work is the longevity of its employees. Bob’s Transmissions of West Michigan ( employees have been working at the business for 18 years. The ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) reports that the average length of employment in one shop is 5 years. The 18 year longevity record means customers are satisfied or these 18 would not be working there as long as they have been.

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