Auto Body Repair Shops in Newport News, VA Follow a Repair Protocol

If you have been in a collision, you need to have the repair done right away. By not having the damage fixed, no matter how large or small, you can impact the structural integrity of your car. So, focus on getting the body repair and follow the shop’s protocol.

What Happens Before a Repair Is Made

Before any work is initiated on a vehicle, auto body repair shops in Newport News, VA carefully inspect the auto. After the inspection, a technician explains the needed repairs and answers a customer’s questions. Customers should always receive a copy of the printed estimate and the outline of the repair.

Most auto body repair shops work with insurance companies. If required, a shop can negotiate with carriers to ensure that a repair meets with the expectations of a customer. You should never pay more than your chosen deductible when a repair is required under insurance.

Full-Service Offerings

Auto body repair shops that provide quality services also wash a vehicle before starting work. When a car has been adequately cleaned, a technician can better see the repair issues affecting the auto. Body shops handle just about everything from aligning the wheels to straightening a car’s frame. The work should always be completed to a manufacturer’s specifications.

So, make sure that you work with a company such as Bruce’s Super Body Shops that features the latest in body shop equipment. For instance, it is helpful for a shop to feature low-heat welding. This particular process is especially needed for any vehicle that is less than a decade old.

Once a customer agrees to the work, the body repair begins. The original paint and dents are removed before refinishing the auto. The repair site is cleaned (once more) before it is sanded. In some instances, a filler may be applied to ensure a cleaner and smoother surface finish. Visit website for auto body repair shops in Newport News, VA.

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