Auto Accident Attorneys in Casa Grande AZ Help Clients Who Developed Later-Onset Whiplash Symptoms

When a driver rear-ends another car, the people in the other vehicle are very susceptible to experiencing a whiplash injury. The primary symptom of whiplash is neck pain, which occurs due to the strain of the head jerking forward and then backward because of the vehicle impact. Insurance companies may believe that claims of whiplash are fraudulent and that the person is lying about the symptoms. Auto Accident Attorneys in Casa Grande AZ are familiar with this scenario and provide aggressive legal representation to clients who are not making any progress in negotiating a settlement. Please visit the website for information on this particular law firm.

A person with a whiplash injury may not develop symptoms until the next day, or even for a few days beyond that. An insurer may view this as a red flag and believe the individual was coached by someone else to claim a neck injury. Diagnostic tests ordered by a physician should be able to verify an injury of this sort. The injured person should be compensated for any medical expenses, treatment such as physical therapy, and lost wages if he or she cannot work for a while.

Other symptoms may occur as well, and may even appear before neck pain does. The individual may have a headache, feel aches and pains in the shoulder and upper back, or experience dizziness. It’s easy for people to ignore these symptoms, including neck pain, for a few days if the effects are relatively minor. They figure the symptoms just constitute a temporary aftereffect from the accident and will dissipate quickly. Within several days, however, the neck, shoulder and upper back pain may have become debilitating.

Auto Accident Attorneys in Casa Grande AZ have the experience and knowledge to successfully negotiate with insurance companies. People without a legal background may be inclined to open up to claims adjusters over the phone and say things that the company later will use against them. When they have a lawyer from a firm such as Alexander Law Offices, they can simply tell the adjuster to speak with that legal professional.

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