Authenticate Your Documents For Travel Outside the U.S.A.

Coordinating all the details prior to travel is a full-time job. One of the most time-consuming tasks is the attestation of documents required for citizens, residents, international students, teaching candidates and businesses. Each country you travel to has it’s unique set of requirements, and the actual process of authentication entails research and plenty of footwork. Luckily, US Authentication Services does all of the research and footwork for you.

Document Attestation for China Made Simple

US Authentication Services consists of a seasoned team thoroughly experienced in the area of document attestation. We expedite your documents through the chain authentication process, which requires certification from the Secretary of State and the U.S. State Department in Washington DC as well as legalization of embassy documents.

Our Washington DC location puts us in proximity with the State Department, allowing us to submit your documents and oversee the authentication process in your absence. While we oversee your document attestation for China, you can occupy yourself with the myriad assortment of other details required to ensure a successful, smooth transition.

Documents We Can Help You With

We can help you obtain authentication for documents associated with personal and business obligations. For individuals, we can handle your marriage/birth certificate, powers of attorney, transcripts, diplomas and criminal background checks. For businesses, we can help you expedite authentication for powers of attorney, contracts/agreements, certificates of good standing, articles or incorporation and board resolutions.

The process is simple and transparent. You can initiate it from anywhere. Contact us online for a free quote. Next, send us your documents by mail. Once we receive your documents, we get right to work doing all the required research and submitting our documents for attestation through the appropriate channels.

If you require document attestation for China, contact us today. Let us help you complete stress-free, well organized preparation for your upcoming travel.

For more information on getting an Apostille from the Secretary of State, visit US Authentication Services on their website or call 703-971-7226.

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