Attorney in Albuquerque, NM Will Help You Resolve Your Personal Injury Claim

It is a bad time when you are in a store and you slip on a spill, injuring your back, or if you’re side-swiped by a truck just as you were completing your turn at the traffic light and receive lacerations and internal bruises. You have just been involved in an accident that is tantamount to a personal injury. You now have legal grounds to what is called a personal injury claim. If you are in New Mexico, there is an Attorney in Albuquerque, NM provided by the Carter & Valle Law Firm who can help you resolve your personal injury claim.

Generally speaking, a personal injury claim results when the party sues because he or she has been physically, mentally or otherwise injured by another party or group, due to the sued party’s alleged negligence. The most common personal injury cases result from traffic-related injuries, industrial accidents or similar accidents in the office or workplace, slips and trips, assault injuries, product liabilities, accidents which occur in a home, and accidents which occur during or as a result of an event. Malpractices, such as medical, dental or toxic exposure incidents that result in mesothelioma, for example are also typical. There are many reasons and cases where a personal injury claim may arise and getting compensated for the injuries you sustained is not unethical.

The Carter & Valle Law Firm can help you bring proper resolution to your personal injury case. They provide highly skilled experience in wrongful death cases, insurance law, claims relating to the government, divorce, domestic relations, wills, estate and probate law, and of course personal injury. They also deal with corporate law, including collections on behalf of corporations, consumer law, such as in one-sided transactions unfavorable to the client, construction law, for example improper installations of roofs or improper zoning issues, elder law, which is designed in the interest of protecting the elderly, ERISA, which is the complex situation of getting proper settlement for your long term disability and other areas. If you need an Attorney in Albuquerque, NM, call upon the Carter & Valle Law Firm or visit their website, website name for more information.

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