Attending a Funeral in Middletown 101: What to Do and Say

Death is never an easy thing for those who are left behind. Even when the person who passed away was the spouse of a co – worker or a friend of a friend, knowing what to say and do at the Funeral in Middletown can be difficult. This is especially true for anyone who has not attended many funerals in the past. Here are some tips that will make attending the funeral a little easier to manage.

Call the Funeral Home in Advance

One way to prepare for attending a Funeral in Middletown is to contact the funeral home director before the date of the funeral. The goal is to find out if the family has made any special requests in terms of the type of clothing the attendees will wear or whether sending flowers is acceptable. While no one is likely to say anything if an attendee shows up in a black suit while everyone else is wearing the beach attire that the family requested, chances are the individual will feel a little self-conscious. A quick call to see if anything special requests were made will make it easier to know what to wear and do.

Speaking with the Family

Many people are unsure of what to say when they speak to a loved one of the deceased. On the one hand, most people want to offer words of encouragement or at least something that will ease the pain that those loved ones are feeling. At times, this can motivate people to make statements that may be well-intended but only serve to make things worse.

The best approach is to keep the remarks simple and too the point. Offer condolences to the family and include some positive remark about the individual who recently died. It does not have to be a long story or go into a great amount of detail. It can be something as simple as mentioning what a good neighbor the deceased was in years past, or how the deceased once offered a word of encouragement when it is needed.

For more help in knowing what to do or say at a funeral, contact the team at John P. Condon Funeral Home. They can provide some practical advice that makes it easier to attend the funeral and actively participate with everyone who has gathered to honor the life of the deceased.

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