Assessing Work From Home Opportunities

For many people that work away from home in sales, technical support and call center and customer service type jobs working from home is a very real possibility. Having the ability to get out of bed in the morning and work without having to commute, dress for success or find someone to care for the kids before and after school is a real convenience. Deciding if you have found the right work from home opportunities to make this dream a reality starts with assessing what the job offer actually offers.

The Problem

Many work from home opportunities look good on paper and at first glance. If you email or contact the company for more information you often get a standard letter or email that simply gives you a hard sell when it comes to all the advantages of working from home. It doesn’t contain any specific information about the hiring process, what you need to do or have to be able to take advantage of the opportunity, or what skills you need.

The reality is that most work from home services will require you to be trained to handle calls, emails or other communication on behalf of the company that you are working for. This training is usually not paid, so you need to understand that you will have to have funds to support yourself during this time, which will vary in length based on the specific company.

The Solution

The solution to finding the best work from home opportunities is to work with a reputable company that is matching workers with businesses that are large, national or international, and that hire people working from home on a regular basis.

Watch carefully for information on work from home opportunities that clearly indicates the types of companies, and even the names of companies, that the work service contracts with. In addition expect to complete the training and be told that you will be eligible for hire immediately. The best companies to work for will also let you know the typical wage range and what you can expect to make, which will help you assess your options and decide if this is the right career choice for your future.

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