Asphalt Seal Coating in Providence, RI

Asphalt seal coating is a specialized business that the professionals can manage with a beautiful outcome. The appearance and effectiveness of asphalt can be deteriorated by the sun, gasoline, oxidation, water, jet fuel and oil. This company has developed a seal coating for every condition. Parking lots suffer from deicers, oil drippings and gasoline.

When unprotected asphalt begins to oxidize the resulting damage can cause the pavement to be rough and cause the aggregates to come to the top.

Part of our asphalt sealing process is hot crack sealing and spider web repair. A spider web detracts more from the appearance than a crack does, and it is likely to be more disruptive to the surface. Alligator cracking and sink holes are a specialty of this company.

This company offers two high friction sealing materials which helps prevent accidents and saves lives. These surfaces resist damage from heavy breaking and heavy wheel loading. Overall, these products are ideal safety features for a heavily used parking lot or road.

Asphalt Seal Coating in Providence, RI uses the latest technologies and the latest equipment. This company’s staff is experienced and professionally trained to satisfy every customer’s needs. This company has an ongoing program to develop advanced technologies for application once they are ready. No time is wasted in getting the latest seal coating formulation and application to our customers.

You can be sure that we are using the best seal coating products with the best equipment and most highly trained professional staff. Established in 1945, this company has 64 years of experience in seal coating, and it has seal coated over 408 million square feet.

The success of this company is in the superior formulation of the Seal coating material that we use, and in the expertly trained application staff.

The versatility of our products allow us to develop a maintenance program that fits the individual needs of your pavement surface. We take into consideration such factors as traffic patterns, the type of equipment that will be used on the pavement, the conditions of the pavement including the texture and porosity when preparing custom maintenance plans. This company does not believe that “one size fits all.” This company has testimonials from 20-year customers about the high quality service. Browse the site for more ddetails.