Asbestos Abatement You Can Rely On In Westchester County NY

While many buildings no longer use asbestos due to the ban in the 1980’s, many buildings and homes still contain the material in their walls and ceilings. The removal of this material is just as dangerous as having it in your building, and requires special care and safety when performing it. Many construction companies train in the removal of these materials when tearing down old buildings or homes, or renovating them for new residents and owners. Unfortunately, Asbestos Abatement in Westchester County NY is not something that a homeowner or business owner should do on their own. While it can be done by an individual without the help of a professional, it’s not advised and definitely not safe for them to perform on their own without training and the proper equipment.

Having the right gloves, clothing, and tools are not the only things that are required when performing Asbestos Abatement Westchester County NY in a structure. You also need a proper storage place for the materials to be placed into, before they’re taken to a location for proper dumping and disposal. Many dumpster rental companies offer reliable construction and commercial services that can benefit any kind of demolition or construction project you may be facing. These containers can safely house the asbestos as you remove it from the structure, giving you a safe and reliable means of transporting it to a containment facility to dispose of it properly.

Luckily for many people, finding asbestos in a home or building that they just purchased is rare. Many newer structures do not have it due to the ban, and a lot of the older homes and buildings have been renovated to remove asbestos from them over the past twenty years. Homes and buildings that are older than 30 years can often contain asbestos, and may require you to hire a service crew to handle the removal of it from the structure. Another example would be anyone purchasing an older building that requires renovating before their business can move into it. Many buildings that are older will usually need renovating in order to get them up to code again, and usually ones that are older than 30 years will still have asbestos in them if nobody has used them since the ban was established.

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