Artificial Turf in Tampa Bay on the Golf Course

Lush green grass is a symbol of a well-kept golf course, across the country, golf course and other recreational areas are looking to artificial turf to get the look and feel of natural grass without the maintenance. Artificial turf in Tampa Bay is a great solution when a durable ground cover is needed.

On the Course

Golf course operators that are looking for a drought resistant solution, which keeps the greens looking great year-round are looking to artificial turf in Tampa Bay. It is the ideal solution for:

* Reducing maintenance costs
* Conserving water
* Reducing noise pollution

Getting a bent grass look and feel without the high demands of natural grass

Golfers want that lush natural grass look year-round, but it can be a challenge to keep things green during the heat of the summer in Tampa Bay. Operators that want to improve the level of environmental protection commitment are also finding that synthetic turf is the best solution.

Cost Effectiveness

Greens maintenance costs are climbing every year. With fake turf the maintenance costs are minimal. They do not have to be watered, saving on water costs. They do not have to be mowed, you do not have to apply chemicals. The list of cost savings can be impressive.

The Best Part

You get all the benefits of a bent grass turf without any of the expense. It looks and feels like natural lush green grass, and it performs like natural grass with minimal maintenance. Whether it is the practice areas, tee boxes or more this high-tech ground cover can be the ideal solution for your greens. Easy Turf has the solution you need to make your course environmentally friendly without sacrificing the quality of the course. Learn more today about this option from Easy Turf.

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