Arriving at a Reasonable Agreement with a Divorce Lawyer in Thiensville, WI

Wisconsin couples should work together to create a reasonable divorce agreement, which must present the interests of each party and certain terms that could benefit them equally. A divorce lawyer in Thiensville, WI can help with these efforts by following the guidelines for Wisconsin divorce cases.

Dividing the Marital Property

The division of marital property must present each party with equal opportunities. Any properties that were owned prior to the marriage remain the property of the original party; on the other hand, if it is the primary family home, this could include it into the marital estate.

The court approaches division based on the lifestyle achieved during the marriage, and marital property and assets must present both parties with the same lifestyle. This could be based on the earning potential for each party after the divorce; however, a spouse could offer payment for educational programs to improve this potential. When this is included it could help them secure key properties included in the marital estate.

Dividing Debts and Outstanding Balances

All debts are assigned according to who owns the account and all joint accounts are divided among each party. The court can enforce the terms of the divorce agreement if there is a dispute later.

Under these circumstances, the opposing party may file a motion after the divorce is final. This enforces the order by assigning ownership of the remaining balance and reduces the financial impact of the divorce on each party.

Child Custody and Support Planning

Parents have the opportunity to choose a custody plan; the court prefers those that give each parent equal time with the child. However, if there is a protection order, the court could assign additional necessary such as supervised visits with the child until the conditions are corrected. Visit website for more details about the professional divorce lawyers in Thiensville, WI.

Wisconsin couples reserve the right to create their own divorce agreement, in fact, couples that secure a reasonable agreement face fewer difficulties when finalizing their divorce. They should address the division of their property, debts, child custody and support if possible. Couples that wish to start a case should contact a divorce lawyer in Thiensville, WI at Fraker Law Firm S.C.

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