Arrested on a DUI? Hire a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Austin

Drunk driving charges and convictions can have a long-term impact on a person’s life and career. In a zero-tolerance state such as Austin anyone under the age of 21 can have less than the legal limit of alcohol in their blood and still be convicted. That’s because it’s illegal for them to be drinking alcohol.

If they are under 18 and convicted of the charges, they will automatically lose their license until they are 21. For those between the age of 18 and 21 a first offense means an automatic license suspension of one to three months. Therefore anyone under 21 who is arrested for drunk driving should contact a drunk driving lawyer in Austin. They should not assume that they will be given a light sentence because of their age.

For all other people any blood alcohol level over .08 is considered to be drunk driving. A person with a blood alcohol level over .15 will face stiffer penalties. Even if no one was hurt by the drunk driver, a fist-time offense guarantees a minimum of 30 days without a license. Certain drivers will also be required to use an ignition lock. They will have to blow into a device that measures their alcohol level, before it allows the car to start.

While there is no minimum jail time associated with a first DWI conviction in Austin, a second offense carries a 10 day jail term. If the driver doesn’t learn their lesson with the second offense, the mandatory jail sentence increases dramatically for the third. Persons convicted a third time can expect to serve a one-year minimum sentence.

In addition to facing criminal charges, a person convicted of drunk driving will pay thousands of dollars in additional insurance premiums. They will also have to attend and pay for educational and counseling programs. A drunk driving charge will affect insurance premiums for up to six years.

A lawyer is familiar with how the courts and judges view this activity and knows how to present a case in the most effective manner. Visit at Law Office Of Jesse Hernandez for more information.