Arrested for DUI? Call a Criminal Lawyer in Junction City, KS Immediately

Kansas takes drinking and driving very seriously. A first offender will normally spend a little time in jail, but the costs of a conviction are high. A DUI conviction is a life-changing event.

The Personal Costs

A DUI conviction will affect your job and pull up whenever a prospective employer, rental or leasing agent, bank, loan officer or college performs a background check. Certain professionals will find their employment in jeopardy. There will be damage to your reputation and relationships. A DUI is a serious matter that should be reviewed with a criminal lawyer in Junction City, KS.

The Financial Costs

The financial costs of a DUI conviction are higher than many people realize. On average, a DUI conviction costs about $11,000. Possible expenses could include:

• Bail

• Court-ordered fines

• Towing and storing your car

• Lost time at work

• DMV fees

• Traffic school and substance abuse education and treatment

• Towing and storage

• Leasing, monthly fees and maintenance for an ignition interlock device (IID)

• Increased car insurance premiums

• Legal fees

The Administrative Process

Both the administrative process regarding your license and the criminal case proceed at the same time.

For the first DUI, your driver’s license will be suspended for 30 days. In order to drive during the next 330 days, it will be necessary to apply for a restricted license providing that the requirements have been met. A restricted license only allows driving to and from just a few places:

• Work or school

• Doctor’s appointments

• Probation or parole meetings

• Alcohol and drug counseling

• Any place ordered by the court

• A medical emergency

Getting your driver’s license fully reinstated is only possible when all conditions of the entire suspension period have been met.

The Criminal Case

The following penalties apply for a first DUI conviction.

• Minimum of 2 days in jail or possibly 100 hours of community service

• Mandatory alcohol or substance abuse assessment

• Any required substance abuse treatment

• A fine between $500-$1,000

• A conviction will influence charges and sentences for any future DUIs for the next 10 years

Don’t face a DUI alone. At Oleen Law Firm, an experienced criminal lawyer in Junction City, KS will represent you with the complexities of both the administrative process and the criminal case. When you have this much at stake, you need an aggressive and skilled lawyer to protect your rights. Visit their website or call 785-537-9194 for a free initial consultation to review your options.

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