Are You Looking For Top Soil In Connecticut?

It seems strange but when you want to freshen up a garden or plant anything, it seems like there is never enough soil to get the job done. In some cases natural erosion can remove top soil in a year or two and soon enough there is not too much soil left around your yard. When you want everything to look renewed it is best to accomplish that by adding top soil in Connecticut. You may wonder what the advantages of top soil are, and you might be surprised to learn that most top soil has a lot of extra stuff mixed in. This is what helps plants and grass to get that added boost and really grow well.

You may have heard of potting mix which is sold in stores for house plants. Top soil in Connecticut is much like buying a load of potting mix but on a larger scale. This makes it a lot more affordable and easier to manage. Topsoil is usually a lot easier to handle when it is dry because it is lighter and easier to move. There are several types of topsoil that can be obtained for home use and the difference between them is simply a different mixture of ingredients. Some soils have mulch added in to them, some have organic compost materials mixed in while others contain peat moss or sand. The specific blend of top soil that you purchase will ultimately depend on what it is that you need the soil for.

If you want to dress your lawn and add more surface or fill in holes, you will probably use a soil that has some sand added into it to add some volume. If you are planning to add some vegetable garden beds to your back yard then you will want to use topsoil with organic compost matter that will act as a fertilizer to assist your plants and vegetables in the best growth cycle possible. If you are not sure what you need, contact a local soil dealer such as Dunning Sand and they can help you to choose what you need.

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