Are You Getting All Of Your Auto Insurance Discounts ?

The next time you look at your auto policy, make sure you are getting all the discounts that are available to you in the state of Pennsylvania. First of all, there is the multi-car discount which will lower your premium if you have more that one vehicle on the same policy. Secondly, there is the claim-free discount for those who have proven that you deserve a reward for being conscientious while behind the wheel.

Another discount offered by Business Name is the paid in full discount for those who pay the entire policy as opposed to monthly payments. Also offered by Auto Insurance Harrisburg PA is the good student discount. As you know, it is the inexperienced drivers are the most vulnerable to accidents and, therefore, have the higher premiums. This discount gives you a chance to lower that cost and also gives students that little extra incentive to bring home good grades. If they are in the upper 20% of their class, have a B or better average or a 3.0 grade point on a four point scale then they will qualify. If your student is home schooled or you have any questions about their eligibility for this, feel free to call your local agent and inquire.

Another discount available is the Anti-Theft discount which will lower your premium of your comprehensive coverage if you have a device which will make your vehicle inoperable by cutting off your fuel, ignition or starting system to foil the would be thieves. If you want to lower your Personal Injury Protection and Supplemental Medical Payments coverage, then having factory installed air bags will do the trick. The last one to consider is called the Multi-Line Policy discount. If you are the named insured on other policies such as homeowners, renters or boat with the same agency than once again you have the opportunity to acquire a lower premium.

To check out all Auto Insurance Harrisburg PA discounts, talk to your agent. The agent will be able to tell which ones will apply, how much the discount will actually be and may even point you in the direction of a few not mentioned.

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