Are You Being Blamed for a Car Accident? You May Want to Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Warrenton VA

It’s not often when all parties will agree on who caused the accident. Even when the cause is clear, the at-fault driver could contact their insurance firm first and claims they were the victim of the accident. The insurance company will then contact the other driver to request compensation for their client. The victim of the accident may want to work with a car accident attorney in Warrenton VA to clear up the issue and obtain their compensation from the at-fault driver.

The at-fault driver may tell the insurance company a story that’s completely different from what actually happened, but that releases their liability and puts it on the victim instead. If the insurance company believes them, it can be an uphill battle for the victim who’s trying to obtain compensation and to avoid giving the at-fault driver money for the accident. A lawyer can be of help in these situations as they can help accumulate evidence of what actually occurred to show the at-fault driver was really the one at fault.

Some of this is possible for the person to do on their own. They can contact witnesses of the accident or get a copy of the accident report if one was made and if it states the cause of the accident as well as who caused it. Other types of evidence may be more difficult for them to gather. For instance, a local business might have security footage showing the accident, but might not be willing to give it to just anyone. They’ll often be willing to give it to the lawyer or, if they aren’t, the lawyer can go through the courts to get the evidence from them. This will need to be done quickly as many businesses only keep their security footage for a few days unless it’s needed.

If you’ve been the victim of a car accident and the at-fault driver is trying to place the blame on you, don’t hesitate to contact a Car Accident Attorney in Warrenton VA. They can work with you to clear up the situation and to help you get the compensation you deserve from the accident. Schedule an appointment today to speak with an attorney about your situation so you can start getting the help you need now.

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