Are Draperies Over Plantation Shutters Necessary For Energy Efficiency?

The heat inside the house and the cold outside and vice versa will do anything to get to each other. They’ll seep through windows and doors, so keeping your windows energy efficient will keep down your power bill. Plantation shutters Bradenton FL will help, but do you need draperies over them to be completely energy efficient?

R Value

Before we get into drapes and plantation shutters, you should know about thermal resistance or the R value in window treatments. The materials in window treatments with the highest R value are the best at keeping heat and cold out. Vinyl plantation shutters have a higher R value than wood.

How Plantation Shutters Are Energy Efficient

Plantation shutters in Bradenton, FL from are placed snugly inside the window frame. This effectively seals off the window. Cold can’t get in in winter and heat can’t get in in summer. The slats can be adjusted as well to block out the heat or cold but still allow light into the room.

Do You Need Drapes Over The Shutters?

Layering window treatments is an attractive look for a room. However, when warm air flows to the top of the window, it flows downward, picking up cold air and blowing it back into the room. Insulated curtains help, but to stop the flow of cold air, a valance will be necessary over the curtain rod. Once that’s done, you have unassailable energy efficiency. Blinds and Designs of Florida want you to have energy efficient windows, so contact us at to find out how.

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