Are Dental Implants Considered Cosmetic Dentistry in Midwest City OK?

For one reason or another, you have lost a tooth. Many people would ignore this problem but dentists say that is a huge mistake. Replacing the lost tooth with an artificial tooth can make a world of difference. Provisions must be made for a number of steps until the final installation. But why are dental implants used so much in Cosmetic Dentistry in Midwest City OK?

Replacing a natural tooth with an artificial tooth is expensive. Before a person starts, they must prepare financially, especially since this type of intervention does not involve reimbursement by their health insurance. For the most part, dentists charge about $3,500 per implanted tooth. The budget is even greater if several teeth need to be replaced. And money is not the only thing to consider. There are also other requirements.

The installation of a dental implant must meet certain requirements provided by Cosmetic Dentistry in Midwest City OK. First, the dentist will analyze the patient’s health and ensure that there are no cons-indications. This treatment is generally not possible in case of diabetes, grafting, kidney failure, previous irradiation in the neck or head, immune deficiency, problems of the heart, hemophilia, among others. The practitioner must perform various tests to determine whether the dental implant is an option.

The dentist must make sure that the patient’s jaw bone is healthy enough to undergo surgery and keep the implant in place for years to come. This procedure involves a titanium cylinder on which the artificial tooth is attached. There must also be enough bone to place the implant. If this is not the case (because of a genetic inheritance or decalcification), the implant is only feasible after a bone graft or bone regeneration occurs.

Most of the steps that will lead people to consider the installation of a dental implant is taken care of by a dentist. The latter can even estimate the budget for the procedure itself. However, dentists cannot always take care of everything. These practitioners sometimes leave it up to a dental surgeon to support the establishment of a titanium implant within the jawbone. This is a real surgical procedure with real risks. Regarding the actual manufacturing of the artificial tooth, the technician must be very competent in the field. Contact Sunnylane Family Dentistry for more details.

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