Applications for Epoxy Roller Painting

If you are a contractor offering services, you have many selections as far as paint options. For many years, the main choices were “latex or oil based” paints. However, today, a lot of painters are recommending epoxy roller painting to their customers because of the many benefits it has to offer. Here are some good reasons to use epoxies in your business.

Why Use Rollers?

When you paint with rollers, you can get the job done faster. It’s an easier painting process, and you don’t have to worry about leaving brush strokes behind. It’s possible to reach places that you can’t reach with brushes, thanks to all the special roller painting attachments and accessories available.

Why Use Epoxies?

Epoxies are specially created resins that contain polymers and prepolymers. These resins give epoxies exceptional curing and sealing properties, and they can be used for sealing and waterproofing porous surfaces. Epoxy resins also make very strong adhesives. These properties give epoxy roller painting many advantages.


Would you like to clean and seal your garage floor and give it some color? Epoxy paint is perfect for sealing concrete. Normal paint would easily wear off if you drive cars over it constantly but not epoxies. These finishes can take a great deal of abuse without damage and clean up is fast and easy. Your new finish will resist chemicals like oil and gasoline.

Wet Areas

Bathrooms can present special problems because they are a constant source of moisture. The same is true for swimming pool areas and saunas. Epoxy roller painting will seal against moisture penetration and provide a tough and durable surface.

Commercial Finishing

If you have a large facility like a warehouse, factory, or retail store, epoxy flooring products are excellent choices. You can also use epoxy-based paints on the walls for a tough finish that lasts a long time.