Applications for Bronze Memorials in Guilford

Bronze, a metal alloy, consists of tin and copper. Quality bronze memorials will contain 87 percent copper, 5 percent tin, 5 percent zinc, 2 percent lead, and a few other elements under 2.5 percent. It has been used for more than 6,000 years as an art medium. Sculptures, medals, statues, and other art projects were made in bronze to memorialize famous people and loved ones.


Bronze plaques can be used on markers, benches, statues, pedestals, or on a mausoleum wall to memorialize a loved one. They can be custom designed with dates, names, special lettering, inscriptions, and in some cases images cast on the plaque’s surface. These plaques are secured well in order to ensure a lasting memorial for your loved ones. Plaques and/or placards can be placed in memorial gardens wherever they are available.


Cremation has become a popular form of final arrangements for people for many reasons. Due to this fact, small bronze placards for urns and bronze urns are being used for the cremains. These can come in a variety of styles and shapes to match your needs. Custom urns can be chosen as part of pre-planning or for at-need services.

The main reason bronze has been used for so long is because of its durability and lasting beauty. Today, Bronze Memorials in Guilford are often used to commemorate loved ones in cemeteries, parks, benches, and in other public and private properties. What are some applications suitable for bronze memorials?


Bronze Memorials in Guilford can also be designed as statues depending on what you want for your loved one. Angels, crosses, hearts, and headstone plates and carvings are the most commonly used bronze statue designs in cemeteries. If you choose the right memorial design contractor, you can choose from their bronze statue designs to meet your desires.

The goal of memorials and monuments is to provide a permanent (or as permanent as possible) marker to commemorate the love, caring, and memories of a loved one who has passed away. This can be done in a variety of ways, regardless of the final arrangements made for your beloved family member or friend. Shelley Brothers Monuments provides quality headstones and bronze products for your memorial needs.

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