Appeals Questions About Social Security Disability in Oklahoma City, OK

More and more people are getting injured beyond their ability to return to reasonable work, or they are getting chronic illnesses or diseases from which it is unlikely they will recover. Having worked all their lives, they now turn to one of the sources to which they have been contributing since their working days began: social security disability. Unfortunately, the SSA doesn’t quite see it as cut and dried as this, and such persons find they have to hire a lawyer to get what they are due. There is a law firm that handles Social Security Disability in Oklahoma City OK. Because the laws concerning social security benefits can be complex, the law firm would like to answer some questions that people often ask concerning their right to disability benefits in Oklahoma.

Some people believe that if they apply for social security disability benefits and are denied, that the process of getting social security disability is now over. This is far from true. You have generally 60 days to appeal the Social Security’s denial of claim. The appeal process can be lengthy. Social Security will normally respond to your initial claim in about 4 months, while the reconsideration of appeals usually takes about two months. It is the wait for a hearing that usually lasts. This can take up to nine months.

Another thing is that people must understand what Social Security means by disabled. The main thing to remember is that you must have a medically proven inability to work for 12 months or longer due to a disability, whether that is physically or mentally. Again, this process can be lengthy and complex. It is best to hire an attorney. The Law Center for Social Security Disability, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is well acquainted with the laws pertaining to Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. They want to help you get what you deserve after dedicating all your years to working. You cannot help that your disability came at the time you did. An experienced attorney can. For more information on how The Law Center for Social Security Disability can handle your Social Security Disability in Oklahoma City OK, visit them at their location. You can also visit their website, and browse to where it asks you to click here to read more.

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