Anti Corrosion Coating: Defense Against 4 Different Types Of Corrosion

The world in which equipment, furniture, automobiles, steel poles and other common items live can be extremely hard on their structure. Their components can fall prey to any of several debilitating forces. For metal parts, the most destructive element is environmental. It causes the parts to corrode resulting in expensive repairs or more costly replacements. Finishing companies work to reduce this problem by applying an anti corrosion coating.

Types of Corrosion

Corrosion is the degradation, deterioration, and decomposition of a material or individual. When it comes to metal, classification of this process is extensive. While many types exist, the more common, against which liquid and powder coatings act as a defense, are:

1. General or Uniform Attack Corrosion: The cause is either an electrochemical or a chemical reaction. The metal begins to deteriorate until its surface is exposed. While accounting for the largest number of metal failure, companies can reduce the risk – extending the lifetime of the component and/or product through the application of an anti corrosion coating.

2. Localized Corrosion: This type of corrosion targets a specific spot on the metal. Three types are:
* Pitting
* Crevice
* Filiform

3. Environmental Cracking: This category of corrosion results from the interaction of the metal with various environmental factors. These include, but are not restricted to temperatures, chemicals, and stress. Divisions of environmental cracking include
* Corrosion fatigue
* Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)

4. Flow-Assisted/Accelerated Corrosion (FAC): The removal or dissolving of a protective oxide layer on the metal surface can result in this type of corrosion. The cause may be such elemental forces as wind or rain.

Anti Corrosion Coating

If a company wants to prevent or at least reduce the effects of corrosion, it needs to be proactive. They must ensure the parts are protected against corrosion. One of the more effective and cost-efficient means of achieving this goal is through the application of an anti-rust coating.

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