Answering Questions Minnesota Workers Have About Workplace Injuries

When a person gets injured on the job, it is important for them to learn about their legal rights. If not, they are putting themselves at the mercy of their employer’s insurance company. Some of the most common questions people ask workplace injury attorneys in Minneapolis, MN. is whether or not they should file a workers’ compensation claim, if they should go after a personal injury claim, or if it is in their best interests to do both. There are also questions about whether an employer has the right to deny a claim for benefits.

Many have had their questions answered by discussing them with workplace injury attorneys in Minneapolis, MN. Minnesota has a statute of limitations for workers’ compensation claims. An injured individual would need to file their claim within the deadline to receive compensation.

If a person has their workers’ compensation claim denied by their workers’ compensation insurance company, they may benefit from working with a local attorney as quickly as possible. There exists the opportunity to appeal the denial of benefits. However, there is a small window for doing so. There are also several strict procedures a person needs to follow.

A person may qualify for workers’ compensation if they suffered any injury or occupational illness while at work or while engaging in work for their employer. These could include injuries from dramatic accidents, like falling from a high place or being an automobile accident. This also includes injuries from lifting heavy items or repetitive stress.

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