Animal Doctor in Oahu, HI Offers Clues on When Your Pet is Sick

Whether you are on vacation in Hawaii or a resident, if you have a pet who is ailing, there is an Animal Doctor in Oahu who offers comprehensive medical, dental and surgical care for your cherished companion. The veterinary clinic wants to tell you some things you need to check to know if your lifelong pet is sick. Your dog, cat or canary cannot tell you when he or she doesn’t feel well, but there are clues.

The most obvious telltale sign is when your pet loses his or her appetite. This could be due to a fever, liver disease, kidney disease or some type of other infection. The matter could be further complicated by throwing up or very loose bowels. In any case, if your pet misses two meals, it is time to get him or her checked out.

If your dog, tabby or horse has unusual weight gain or loss, this is something to really check out. There could be a hormone imbalance or your pet could have developed a strong virus or has cancer. Get your loved one to a animal care specialist.

If your pet seems listless and just have no zest, chances are it is more than just sheer boredom. There could be something more serious going on, especially if the pet is not interested in interacting with any of the family members.

An animal with a limp is always something to get checked out. Make sure, of course, that the problem is more than a simple bur. A good way to check out if this is something to be concerned about is to let the pet rest for a 24 hour period. If the limp is still there, or pronounced, take him or her to the vet.