Animal Control in Anne Arundel for Times Opossums Pretend to Attack

Any number of invaders are roaming around just outside the safety of your home. If given the chance or driven by need, they’ve been known to work their way indoors hoping to live a happy life right along with your family. Some are downright dangerous while others are merely vile, but anytime outdoor creatures find their way inside, the time to call for Animal Control in Anne Arundel is upon you.

Opossums are among the most harmless of the local intruders you might encounter. Nevertheless, their greasy gray fur, bald ears, and scaly tails make for quite an unpleasant picture. Unlike fleas, spiders, roaches, or mice who don’t mind sharing your actual living quarters, these fuzzy foes tend to try to stay out of your line of sight. If one, or a family of them, has moved into your home, the first warning sign you’re likely to notice is odd noises coming from your attic or crawlspace.

In some cases, when overcome with fright, they’ll simply faint like the sweet but stubborn myotonic goat, but this isn’t always the case. Should you catch one off guard while it’s napping on your back porch, it’s likely to let you know exactly what it thinks of your thoughtless intrusion. Opossums are known for standing on their hind legs and raising their razor-sharp front claws in an effort to make themselves appear larger than life. They like to punctuate that stance with a menacing hiss or growl.

Though they don’t make a habit of attacking, they will if they feel threatened enough. In the event your dog or cat stumbles upon one during outdoor playtime, he or she could be in danger. Those devilish grins accentuated by 50 teeth can do plenty of damage under the right circumstances. Opossums are resistant to rabies and certain other common wildlife-born diseases, so those aren’t really an issue. Still, they can tear flesh and bring about the risk of serious infection.

Regardless of being among the low-risk group as far as wildlife goes, opossums aren’t the best roommates to have. Experts in Animal Control in Anne Arundel can safely and humanely remove them from your property so you and your pets can once again enjoy the outdoors. If these evil-looking creatures with uncommon tendencies have invaded your home, visit for help.

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