An Saskatoon Electrician Can Answer Questions About Light Bulbs Burning Out Rapidly

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Electrical

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An Saskatoon Electrician can answer questions involving light bulb usage and resolve problems someone is having with their lighting. A person who is still using incandescent bulbs, for instance, may have noticed that the bulbs in one fixture tend to burn out faster than others in the house. One common reason for this is having a bulb completely enclosed by a glass fixture. The extra heat from the confined area shortens the life of this light bulb. One way to fix this issue is to use lower-watt bulbs. Another is to install a fixture that allows for ventilation, so heat doesn’t build up inside of it.

Another reason light bulbs burn out more rapidly than they would otherwise is if they are subject to vibration. For example, light bulbs screwed into a ceiling fixture located underneath a second story may, essentially, have people walking around on top of the light fixture. If little children have a bedroom upstairs, they might run and jump around. It’s to be expected that those light bulbs will fail earlier than those in a more stable setting. Using halogen bulbs instead of incandescent lamps can solve this problem because the filaments in halogen lamps are thicker and sturdier.

A third problem involves placing the light bulb too tightly. That can flatten the tab inside the socket so that the bulb and the tab do not meet properly. This can be avoided by only putting in new light bulbs when the light switch is on. The bulb should be screwed in until it goes on and then just a small turn further. You can click here to get more details.

Problems with light bulbs usually aren’t caused by faulty or old wiring. However, an Saskatoon Electrician can help people resolve issues with bulbs burning out too fast. One strategy would be to replace a single bulb enclosed fixture with a longer rectangular fixture. This fixture stands in front of two or three bulbs and is open at the back so air can flow through. Another would be to install a panel with several decorative bulbs. Their combined wattage would match the wattage of a single bulb enclosed in glass.