An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Specialty Boutique

Throughout San Antonio and across the state of Texas, boutique shops offer specialized types of clothing, gear, accessories, and products. Outdoor enthusiasts do not have to shop at the national chain sporting good stores to find some exceptional clothing, home goods, accessories, and gear.

Clothing Options

One of the great things about brands catering to outdoor enthusiasts is the comfort and style of the clothing they offer. These boutique shops are often part of much larger facilities that offer everything from gun sales to classes for firearms and archery.

Outdoor clothing is not just about hunting and fishing gear. It includes classic casual styles that are ideal for wear to the office or a night on the town. Look for boots, hats, luggage, and accessories from belts and jewelry to specialty gift items for yourself or someone special. Some of the locations even offer customized options for monogramming and personalizing items.


If you are a hunter or enjoy spending time on the range improving your skills, having the right accessories is important. Look for a boutique gun store that provides everything in one location. Having one place to shop not only makes it simple to get what you need, but it is also a perfect place for your family and friends to shop for you on special occasions.

The top gun stores in the San Antonio area provide a complete experience, including clothing, accessories, indoor gun ranges, classes, and training. These shops are the perfect place for anyone to find just what they need.

With a boutique shop inside a gun store, Buck & Doe’s Mercantile offers a full range of merchandise and classes for people in the San Antonio area. To learn more, see us at

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