An Introduction to Choosing the Right Kind of Doors for Your Kitchen

Choosing the right replacement kitchen doors is serious business. Your style is what matters, and having the right kind of replacement kitchen doors should match the style of your cooking area.

Thankfully, there are several different styles you can choose from. Each design is simple yet adds beauty to your kitchen area. You can browse many different styles that match the color and theme. Our two most popular options are:

• White cabinet shaker doors

• Gray raised panel doors


White Cabinet Shaker Doors

You can add a little light to your kitchen with white cabinet shaker doors. They are best when paired with deep charcoal black for a modern touch. The cabinet set is sealed with a thick white stain which is said to last without wear for many years. They come with flat panels and are known for their compact design.

Gray Raised Panel Doors

If you could imagine what a picture frame looks like, then you’ll know what gray raised panel doors are. These iconic sets are almost as popular as the shaker doors. They have a complex set of lines with an intricate contour that accentuates your centerpiece well. The style imitates a classic shadow box well and adds more than one dimension that brings out the centerpiece well.

About Intenzi

Our company has several styles of kitchen cabinet doors you can choose from. You can browse from our collection online. You can also speak to a representative to see what works best for you. Just call or visit us today to learn more. Contact intenzi today.

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