An Increasing Number of Women Shop for a Used Harley Davidson in Westmoreland County

The number of female motorcycle riders has increased dramatically in the past few decades, including both owners and passengers. Nearly 60 percent of those interviewed said they’d rather buy a new motorcycle than a used one, but that desire doesn’t always fit into the budget. These women may shop for a used Harley Davidson in Westmoreland County, achieving the dream of owning one of these superb bikes now and then saving for a new one in the future.

People who only know of Harley motorcycles as big, heavy hogs may wonder how a 5-ft. 3-in. woman weighing 120 or 130 lbs. could possibly manage one of these bikes. In reality, the manufacturer has responded to the demand for smaller, lighter motorcycles with several models to fit this preference. Women can shop for either a new or Used Harley Davidson in Westmoreland County and have a broad range of options from which to choose. They’ll be pleased with the wide selection.

Interestingly, although women now make up some 25 percent of motorcycle riders, the media in general still has not responded to this demographic change. Magazines for riders are almost entirely geared toward men. Women motorcyclists do have an increasing number of websites focusing on them in particular. They enjoy the camaraderie of conversing with like-minded individuals on forums and reading blogs about their motorcycle-related interests. It’s fortunate that manufacturers like Harley Davidson understood the growing market for female motorcycle riders many years ago and provided new models better suited for this population. Those models also appeal to men who prefer a lighter, more manageable bike. The situation turned out to be a win-win one for the company and its fans.

Research shows that the majority of women and men strongly prefer cruiser motorcycles instead of sport bikes. Both of these styles are available from Harley Davidson. At a store such as Z&M Cycle Sales, women and men both can shop for a motorcycle to suit their preferences. They can buy a variety of Harley clothing and gear here as well. Browse our website to get a sense of what the store has to offer.

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