An Experienced Attorney Can Help With Disability Benefits in Holland, MI

Filing for disability benefits can be an overwhelming task. Like many federal programs, it is extraordinarily complex, with long lists of requirements, and procedures which must be followed. Many steps in the process are also time-sensitive. To successfully navigate this governmental maze, you will need the assistance of someone with years of experience dealing with the system and who is intimately familiar with the pitfalls involved and how to avoid them.

If can be a big help in making sense of this area of law and will work diligently to see that you receive the benefits you are legally entitled to. Initially, you may be hesitant to seek legal representation in these filings because of the expense, but your attorney will offer you a free initial consultation so that he can speak with you, review your specific situation, and determine the best way to proceed. Another fact that may put your mind at ease is that your legal professional will take your case on a contingency basis; this means that unless you receive your benefits, you do not pay them anything. So don’t hesitate to bring in a qualified, experienced attorney be your voice and guide you through the process. As far as your initial application goes, you can make it by mail or over the phone. Receiving your determination usually takes from 3 to 4 months. If it is approved, you begin collecting your benefits; but if not, your attorney can help you take the next step in the process. You will have 60 days to file a request for reconsideration, where your claim is reviewed by a Social Security agent, not involved with the original filing. If that is denied, you will have another 60 days to request a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge.

An experienced attorney will be invaluable here, because he will know exactly what the Judge is looking for and how to present it. If this hearing fails, you can take your case to an appeals council, and again, your legal counsel can help tremendously. Should this still not be successful, the final step in the process is going to Federal Court. This entire process calls for a great familiarity with the law and should only be handled by an attorney who knows Disability Benefits in Holland, MI, like those at The Bleakley Law Offices. And

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