An Electrician in Dayton, OH Can Make Large and Small Home Upgrades

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Electrician

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One of the reasons to call an Electrician Dayton OH out to your home is if you want to make some upgrades to your current wiring and electrical features. You may not have enough outlets in one room, or you even may prefer to have one moved so that you don’t have to move heavy furniture out of the way to reach an outlet.

For example, some huge entertainment centers may have cutouts at the back, which are hidden from the front view, but that allow a television and sound system to be plugged in. It’s much easier to reach the outlet if you can simply open the front doors of the cabinet and the outlet is right there. However, if the outlet is positioned over to the side, it becomes impossible to unplug anything without moving the entire heavy unit.

Kitchens and bathrooms need to have special outlets due to the water use in those rooms. These outlets may not be in those rooms in older homes, but local codes will require them with new construction. You may find it more convenient to have an electrical outlet outside the house, such as on a patio, to plug in appliances, music, or electrical yard tools. An Electrician Dayton can install a special outdoor outlet that has a sturdy cover on it that snaps closed when the outlet isn’t in use.

If you have an older home, you may have a situation in which the wiring and amperage was not built to carry heavy electrical loads like we use today. Houses that were built 80 years ago, for example, didn’t have an outlet on every wall like homes built today. Rather than hiring a handyman to do the job, keep in mind that a simple mistake could cause a serious fire hazard in your wiring. A licensed electrician is trained and equipped to make sure that your wiring, outlets, and everything else is up to code. Whether it’s re-doing the wiring, installing lighting fixtures, adding new outlets, or changing your circuit panel, some of the simple improvements an electrician can make may even lower your electricity bill.