An Automated Plasma Cutter Offers a Number of Commercial Benefits

Plasma cutters are automated in that they have the capacity to operate from software systems. Historically, plasma cutting was developed during WWII to increase the speed of welding. Joints created by a plasma weld were also considerably much stronger than those produced by a typical weld. The reason is fairly simple. A plasma arc has inert gas that shields its electric arc. This prevents oxidation.

Shortly after the war, several adjustments were made that utilized pressurized gas, and the plasma torch cutter hole size was reduced in diameter. This combination pushed pressurized from the torch at extremely high speeds. Combined with extremely hot temperatures, metal was able to be cut in addition to being welded. Plasma cutting was used commercially for the first time during the ‘60s. It was cutting edge, and expensive. Many businesses could not afford the new technology.

Automated Plasma Cutter
Today’s cutters can be purchased in practically any size, and they can be operated manually or automatic. They can also be constructed as portable or stationary and can use external air supplies or operate with a built-in compressor. An automated plasma cutter takes the process to another level of efficiency. Repetitive cutting tasks are easily handled with proper programming. It can be as simple as feeding metal into the machine. Operators can then spend time addressing other aspects of the business. Another name for an automated cutter is CNC plasma cutter.

Computer numeric control (CNC) is extremely popular for hobbyists working with aluminum. For large scale projects, big industries cut fabricated steel and find the plasma cutter to be an invaluable tool that can run for a full day without having to stop, or breaking down. The machine’s acquisition is a profitable business spend in this regard.

Purchasing a Quality Plasma Cutter
While all plasma cutters are useful, they are not all necessarily created equal. Quality is the result of cutters that have been built with by experience professionals and with quality components. Even though they can be programmed, the operator’s skills are still a factor that determines the overall cutting volume and success. When purchasing an automated plasma cutter, consider the brand and any manufacturer warranties that might apply.

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