An Aluminum Fence in Scranton Looks Beautiful and Provides Security

Homeowners who need to secure a swimming pool area often turn to an aluminum fence in Scranton. The aluminum alloy used to manufacture fences doesn’t rust. It’s therefore perfect for a damp and wet area. The Rutkoski Fencing Company also ensures that the screws and hardware used on the fence resist rusting as well. This guarantees many years of maintenance-free use. All aluminum fences come with a limited lifetime warranty. Homeowners can choose a variety of heights. Local communities have minimum height requirements for swimming pool fences and the homeowner has to ensure that they comply with these.

It’s also very important that an aluminum fence in Scranton be installed properly. The fence posts have to placed properly in the ground to ensure that they are strong enough to support the fence. It’s not uncommon for adults to lean against fences in swimming pool areas or for children to climb on them. If the fence should fall over they could be injured. It could also provide access to the swimming pool when no one is supervising the area. Homeowners could still be considered liable if they put in a fence themselves and it wasn’t strong enough to keep out children.

An aluminum fence in Scranton can be customized to fit any landscape requirement. They come in several heights ranging from three feet to six feet. They are carefully designed to prevent animals from getting through at the bottom. Therefore they will protect flower beds from neighborhood pets, while still providing views into the yard. Many homeowners like to show over their lawns and flowers. A custom aluminum fence can be an beautiful landscape feature. It creates a beautiful border around the yard.

There are many details that make an aluminum fence in Scranton fit a home’s landscape. The choice of finials is one of them. A finial sits on top of the aluminum post. They can give the fence a Victorian appearance or modern tone. A representative from Rutkoski Fencing will be happy to meet with the homeowner to discuss installing and customizing a fence. They can design a custom gate for the fence that will create an impressive and inviting entrance.

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