An Alert Panel Signals Homeowners When They Need Residential Lift Station Repair

Rural residences without access to a municipal sewage treatment system have their own private waste water treatment system, typically consisting of a septic tank and drain field. On land where the soil cannot effectively filter the liquids that would come from the tank to the leach field, usually the problem is resolved with the construction of a long mound of earth. The extra soil provides the filtration necessary to remove impurities. This type of system needs an extra tank and a pump, known as a lift station, to move the liquids to the top of the mound. If the system malfunctions, Residential Lift Station Repair becomes necessary.

There are two possible methods for alerting residents when a problem has developed with the lift station. An alert panel is set up in the home. This typically is in the basement if the house has one, but it can be located elsewhere that it doesn’t interfere with the home decor, such as near an upstairs fuse box or circuit breaker board. The panel may have a light, an alarm or both. People typically want a buzzer or another noise signal for an alarm in case they don’t notice the light has turned on. This signal indicates the water level in the tank is too high, which tells the homeowner that a malfunction with the float or the pump has occurred. Technicians who do Residential Lift Station Repair can inspect the system and determine the cause of the problem.

These systems are more complex than the standard septic tank and drain field arrangement, which works through the force of gravity instead of a pump. A company like Texas Pride Septic can have a technician inspect the lift station annually to make sure everything is in good working order and prevent the need for emergency repair work. In some cases, for example, the float can begin malfunctioning while the pump still works fine, but the pump now runs continuously because of problems with the float. That can cause the pump to eventually burn out, at which point the alert light goes on or the alarm sounds. Visit the website for information on this particular company.

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