Ammonia Cooling System Offers Surprising Benefits

If you have industrial refrigeration or air conditioning needs, you may assume you’ll want to use a Freon type refrigerant. Although this is usually the case, it is not always the best choice for your company. In fact, many modern businesses are turning to an ammonia cooling system because it offers numerous benefits. Here are some important reasons to consider ammonia.

What is Ammonia? 

Ammonia has three hydrogen atoms and one nitrogen atom, and this creates a common element NH3. Nitrogen is an important component of life on earth, and it undergoes changes in the environment. These changes are part of the nitrogen cycle, and ammonia plays a major role in this cycle.
NH3 is a colorless gas with a most distinctive odor. In fact, the odor of NH3 is pungent, and it requires no specialized or expensive leak detection equipment. NH3 gas is hazardous because the fumes are toxic when absorbed in a confined environment.

Ammonia Cooling System 

As a refrigerant, NH3 is highly efficient and is superior to Freon in many ways. It offers the following advantages when used for cooling:

 * Energy efficiency – using NH3 air conditioning or NH3 chilling system can save a significant amount of energy over time. It may cost more to install NH3 systems, but its efficiency makes it a good investment. If you have major concerns over your monthly cooling costs, you may wish to take a look at NH3 and its benefits.

 * Leak detection – it’s simple to find NH3 leaks. For example, the strong odor is easy to detect, and this saves leak detection time and resources.

 * Environment – if you worry about CFC compounds released into the atmosphere, an ammonia cooling system is the best choice. NH3 does not contain CFC compounds, nor does it contribute to the greenhouse effect or ozone problems.

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