Alternatives to an MBBS in Gujarat

Aspiring medical students throughout India know the challenges of earning a seat in private or public MBBS programs. Not only is there the difficulty of scoring in the top percentile on the annual NEET exam, but there is also the high cost of attending a private or public university or college in the country.

Students in India who want to become doctors do not have to complete an MBBS in Gujarat or an Indian medical college or university. Instead, they can choose to take an MBBS abroad, especially MBBS in Caribbean which offers the best prospects. However, it is essential for students to understand the best alternatives to complete their MBBS in Gujarat.

Academic Foundation

Students with a desire to become doctors in the United States, India, and many other countries in the world need to have both an academic foundation as well as the required clinical rotations and PG. Choosing a university outside of the country that offers a recognized academic program and highly respected teaching faculty is vital for your success.

Green Book Rotations

When choosing an alternative to an MBBS in Gujarat, make sure the university or college offers Green Book rotations. These are completed in an ACGME approved teaching hospital in the USA. Completing these rotations in America increases the potential for completing a PG in the USA.

Scholarship Options

Students may be surprised to know that NEET scores are not used in top Caribbean medical colleges outside of India. In addition to eliminating the need to score in the top percentage of students writing the NEET test, students studying for an MBBS abroad are eligible for substantial scholarships. These scholarships can result in little if any student debt upon graduation.

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