All You Need To Know About Dentures in A Minute’s Read

Whether you are interested in getting dentures, know someone who has fitted them, or already have them, it’s highly likely that you have questions about these orthodontic tools. This piece will look to inform you all you need to know about dentures in Topeka KS. You may browse our website to learn more about other available teeth replacement options.

What are dentures?

They are artificial gums and teeth that epitomize the human mouth. Dentures have been used as tooth replacement options for decades now. Depending on how many teeth you are looking to replace, there are two main options: partial and full dentures. Full dentures are used on patients with missing teeth on an entire jaw, while partial dentures replace the few missing teeth on a jaw. You may also get them in custom-fit or generic versions.

What are dentures made from?

The first generation of dentures were made from plastic or porcelain material. Thanks to modern dentistry and innovations, dentures are now made out of hard resin material, making them durable.

Why should you consider dentures?

Dentures not only improve your appearance and smile, but they also support the cheeks and lips, restoring a youthful look. Dentures in Topeka KS are also viable temporary tooth replacement options as you wait for a more permanent solution such as dental implants.

Do you have more questions about dentures? Browse our website to find more in-depth information about these incredible teeth replacement solutions. Contact us to book an appointment at our dental clinic in Topeka KS and talk to our lead dentist.

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